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Blue Sky Marine

Blue Sky Marine

Keeping compliant with international marine regulations, just got a little easier. Our products and solutions have been carefully sourced to ensure simplicity without compromising efficiency. Following the link below, will provide you with detailed information on our entire range of solutions and products to enhance the safety and performance of both your crew and vessels.

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Blue Sky Medical Supply

Rapid Diagnostic Testing is fast becoming a standard procedure for preliminary screening in a wide range of circumstances. Substance abuse is increasing world wide and the need to manage and control it is now more relevant than ever. Our Saliva drug test kits are being used to test and also curb the use of Illegal substances in both public and private sectors. The stigma behind sexually transmitted diseases is one of the reasons people are not getting tested for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis just to name a few.

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Blue Sky Medical Supply
Blue Sky Shield Solutions

Blue Sky Shield Solutions

Managing Substance Abuse in the work place is a sensitive subject to many in our community. Developing and implementing a drug and alcohol policy at work is not as simple as one might think. Changing a policy in a company needs to be Legal and also accepted by employees that are already employed. That is why we have developed a strategy that has proven to meet both concerns.

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Blue Sky Satellite Communications

Blue Sky Satellite Communications is an independent company and is registered as a Satellite Communications Service provider. With the constant innovation and technical advancement happening in the industry, we keep abreast by sourcing and placing all the market has to offer in one reliable and efficient service to our customers across the globe.


Blue Sky Satellite Communications
Blue Sky Online Shop

Blue Sky Online Shop

Online Shop – our dedicated e-commerce web based platform for companies to purchase our products.

Online Store – our dedicated e-commerce web based platform dedicated to our customers who purchase in their personal capacity.

Legally, we as a company can not sell certain products to the general public. One of the main reasons to ensure we are compliant with local and EU regulations.

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